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Awesome Massage Therapist

I have suffered with an ongoing muscle and radiating pain condition for sometime and until I found Eve I could not find any means of lasting pain relief. Her knowledge and expertise far surpasses most in her field. I recommend Eve with 10 stars on a scale of 1-10. 

-Sherrie R

I came to massage therapist Eve Stumpges with two major problems: lower back pain and lower back spasms. After approximately an hour long massage, my pain dropped from roughly an eight to a four. Not only that, but Ms. Stumpges gave me some excellent stretches, techniques, and day to day changes I could make to solve the various issues I was having. She was also very attentive afterwards, going so far as to check on my progress, and provide excellent after care. If I had to give her a numerical rating, I would give her a ten out of ten. She absolutely exceeded my expectations. 

-Thomas Z

I have been getting professional massages for years and I know it is a crucial part of keeping myself well and feeling good. Eve has become my go to therapist, she is truly talented and does an amazing job. I can tell her about a specific area of discomfort/tightness/tension or what activity I either engaged in recently or will be in the near future and she will tailor the treatment to be most effective for that moment in time. She also has a very calming demeanor and great energy, if you are someone who is very sensitive to the energy of others, you will likely notice it right away. I can not recommend her services highly enough, as an ex college athlete with a high stress occupation I can definitively say she has improved the quality of my life. We don’t hesitate to spend money on clothes, shoes, entertainment, etc. but without good health, it is difficult to enjoy any of these things fully. For example, a round of golf (one of my favorite leisure activities) at a nice course can easily cost $100. Think of the relative enjoyment you receive from a well payed round vs a round where you just weren’t playing anywhere near what you know you are capable of on a good day. The club is a constant, the ball is a constant, the course, more or less, is a constant as well. The variable is you. When my mind is at peace, when my body is relaxed and able to move more unencumbered, I am many times more likely to be able to perform closer to my best.

-Coyne R.

I have been getting massages for many years now. Eve is the first massage therapist that was able to really help my neck area. Eve incorporates movements of limbs during the massage, which help to really get into the troubled area. She is fabulous and I feel so much better after her massage. She is always on schedule when arriving at my house for a massage. I highly recommend Eve Stumpges for your massage therapy.

Jeannie F. 

Eve is awesome!!! Best massage therapist out there. I have chronic back pain, neck pain, and muscle aches from my job and I've tried everything from chiropractors to massage chairs. Reliable, on time, and super friendly! 5/5 stars, highly recommend!!!

Sam P.

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